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Let’s Talk About Estate Planning (Ounce of Prevention Episode 2)

May 17, 2020

On March 5, 2020, Attorney Timothy Herring, the head of Chipman Mazzucco Emerson’s litigation practice area, launched the Ounce of Prevention podcast. The first episode is entitled What Does a Litigator Actually Do?  Listen to the first episode here: Episode One: What Does a Litigator Actually Do?

Liz Hartery

On March 31, 2020, Attorney Liz Hartery, of Chipman Mazzucco Emerson’s estate planning and probate group, appeared as a guest on Tim’s second episode entitled Let’s Talk About Your Estate Planning.  Listen to Liz’s comments on estate planning here: Episode Two: Let’s Talk About Your Estate Plan.

Estate plans are so much more than just a Will. Tim and Liz have a light-hearted discussion covering a number of estate planning options and techniques including living trusts, living wills, how to deal with difficult family issues, and what people need to know about pet trusts.

Subscribe to the Ounce of Prevention podcast. In each episode, Tim will focus on a specific legal issue and how it could impact your everyday life.

The goal of the podcast is to educate and inspire our listeners to harness the law to make life just a little bit easier.

For more information about topics mentioned in the podcast, contact Tim Herring at 203-744-1929 x19 or Visit our website at to learn more.

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