Seminar Video: Basic Estate Planning and Elder Law in a Nutshell

We recently posted to YouTube the video of our annual fall estate planning seminar (held on October 25, 2018). Here is a playlist containing all three segments: Basic Estate Planning and Elder Law in a Nutshell.

Basic Estate Planning and Elder Law in a Nutshell

In Video 1 (Estate Planning for Beginners), Elizabeth J. Hartery covers the basics of Wills, revocable trusts, powers of attorney, conservatorships and health care directives including living wills. Approximately 30 minutes.

In Video 2 (How to Make Certain Your Estate Plan Works as Everything Else Changes), Richard S. Land covers the reasons why an estate planning review might be necessary including new legislation. Approximately 35 minutes.

In Video 3 (Elder Law in a Nutshell), Alyson Marcucio covers the practice of elder law as part of the continuum of planning for the welfare of the family.  In the case of elder law, this means counselling and representing seniors and the disabled as well as their representatives (such as conservators, trustees and agents under a power of attorney) and family members regarding a range of issues including health and personal care, legal capacity, public benefits, special needs, insurance, housing options and more.  Approximately 24 minutes.

We hope these presentations are helpful.

Posted by Richard S. Land on January 19, 2019.

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