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Complimentary Online Estate Plan Review

August 1, 2015

Chipman Mazzucco is pleased to announce a new complimentary online Estate Plan Review.

Answer a series of thought-provoking questions about your circumstances and objectives and receive a personalized report.  We are providing this service without charge to encourage you to reflect on your estate plan from time to time.

To register and participate in the Review, click on this link: Chipman Mazzucco Online Estate Plan ReviewNote: The password you use to register must have at least eight characters, one or more upper case letters and one or more numbers (example: Reviewplan123).

Although anyone can benefit from the review, it is meant specifically for Connecticut and New York residents.

For a short demonstration (4.5 minutes), click on the video below.

We hope this helps you keep your estate plan current.

185775_1745456110853_1072275011_31952001_6630745_n[1]Posted on August 1, 2015
by Richard S. Land
Chipman Mazzucco

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