Ten Reasons Why You Will Love Our New Location

Our new location at the Matrix Corporate Center has many charms that we believe you will appreciate.  Here is our top ten list (David Letterman style, in reverse order).

Ten Reasons Why You Will Love Our New Location

(10) Our office door is less than five minutes from I-84 Exit One and less than ten minutes from Route 7.

(9) The drive here is like an old-fashioned Sunday drive in the country. The grounds are like a park. The building, not visible from any public road, is an architectural wonder.

(8) You will find lots of available parking.

(7) The new furniture in our reception area is actually comfortable.

(6) You can experience our cafeteria: a variety of great food in a peaceful setting.

(5) You can bring children and keep them entertained in our game room (Wii and Foosball).

(4) You can relax with Starbuck’s coffee (and other refreshments) before, during or after our meeting at our café.

(3) You can park just a few steps away from the door to our offices.

(2) You can enjoy the great country views from our windows.

(1) Our covered parking will shelter you from rain, wind, sleet and snow.

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