Directions to Chipman Mazzucco

Traveling West or East on I-84

Our office door is five minutes from Exit One of I84.

If you are traveling west on I84, go to Exit One, the Saw Mill Road exit (not the Mill Plain exit which is exit 2).  At the end of Exit One, turn LEFT onto Saw Mill Road.

If you are travelling east on I-84, take Exit One, Saw Mill Road.  At the light at end of the exit turn right onto Saw Mill Road.

After you turn onto Saw Mill Road, proceed until you come to a traffic light at the intersection of Reserve Road and Saw Mill.  Take a left at the light onto Reserve Road. This is the first left after you leave I84.

You will see signs for the Matrix Corporate Center and large flags for the Rivington Community.  Go up the hill to a rotary.  Take the first right on the rotary.

After a short drive, you will see the security gates for the Matrix Corporate Center.

When you reach the security gates, go to the far RIGHT lane and press the button at the security call box.

Let the security guard know that you have a meeting at Chipman Mazzucco at Suite D-2.  He should direct you to Ramp 2 which leads to Garage 2 on the second level.

Ramp 2 is not immediately visible.  It becomes visible after you pass to the right of Ramp 4 and Ramp 3.  Also, the red stripe that has been painted on the road will lead you to Ramp 2.  Look to your right for a RED stripe on the road and follow it.    

Enter the garage and drive straight to the end.  At the end, make a left.  You will be looking into our door.  We are in Suite D-2 (look for the D-2 sign above the outside door).  “Chipman Mazzucco” is on the door.

We hope this video helps.

Directions to Chipman Mazzucco


Chipman, Mazzucco, Land & Pennarola, LLC
Matrix Corporate Center
39 Old Ridgebury Road
Suite D-2
Danbury, CT 06810

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